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Transparency settlements

Our proposals are always clear and upfront with our customers.  Each proposal is clearly outlined with details of the scope work, time to complete the documentation, and the related costs associated with them.

We are Accredited Body

SERCONS Russia are accredited by RusAccreditation to perform all of our certifications, so we are not an agent.  Our years of experience will allow you to obtain even the most complicated certifications in the fastest time.

Individual Approach to each Client

Each client has its own manager who will advise you at every stage.  The company operates its own quality control service that evaluates the quality of the service you receive as well as the attention given to you by our employees.

The Largest Certification Company in Russia

SERCONS is the leading Russian company the field of certification and safety expertise.  Our staff of specialists and experts amount to over 1.200 people.


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Discover why SERCONS is the largest and most trusted Partner in Russian Certification, and learn about how we transformed into one of the industry Leaders in the field of certification and product testing.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference is that EAC is valid for the entire Customs Union, which for now has 5 member countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan.  GOST is only valid for Russia and is usually voluntary.

No, you need to build and design according to your own method.  We, as the certification body, ensure that you conform to the relative Technical Regulations of the Customs union, and by issuing the EAC certificate prove that your products are safe, and can be imported to the Customs Union.

Yes, the regulations state that the Applicant must be a company or entrepreneurial person that resides in the territory of the Customs Union.  If you do not have such a company, because you are a supplier completing an order to another European company, or you have many distributors that you work with, we can assist you with this and provide an Applicant.

If you need to translate any technical documents for your client in Russia; then yes, we can perform all of the necessary translations for you from most European Languages at a very reasonable price

It is valid on a voluntary basis.  In addition to the mandatory EAC, you can certify your products according to a voluntary GOST R.  GOST is still mandatory as a Fire Safety Certificate as well as for products that fall outside the scope of EAC Technical Regulations.

Each Technical Regulation comprises a list of products that would under either category.  The biggest difference is the timing and the compliance required.  However, both carry the same validity within the Customs Union.

No, we are not an agent.  SERCONS has the necessary accreditation to test and to issue the certificates and declarations ourselves.

It depends.  Different certificates have different validities.  For example, EAC Certificates and Declarations have validities ranging from a single delivery up to 5 years for serial production.  Fire certificates typically have a 3 year validity, as do voluntary GOST certificates.  Metrology certificates (PAC) are valid for 5 years.

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