Seismic Resistance Certificate Seismic resistance is one of the most important technical characteristics of buildings, constructions and industrial equipment, which determines their level resistance to earthquakes

Certificate of seismic resistance and vibration resistance of equipment, buildings and structures

Certification body “SERCONS Russia” performs a full range of activities so that your company can easily obtain a seismic resistance certificate for equipment or buildings and structures, as well as provide advice on any issues related to the procedure for issuing this document.

Seismic stability – is one of the important technical characteristics of buildings, structures and industrial equipment, which determines the level of their resistance to earthquakes. The seismic resistance certificate is issued on the basis of test results and confirms that the construction work or the use of the tested equipment can be carried out under certain conditions.

Technical conclusion in the field of the use of atomic energy:

Our company performs the following works in the field of static and dynamic analysis of process equipment, pipelines and building structures:

  • static analysis;
  • dynamic analysis (taking into account snow and wind load);
  • fatigue of the structure;
  • thermal analysis (climatic analysis);
  • complex nonlinear contact;
  • tasks in the explicit formulation;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • loss of stability in bending;
  • creep; nonlinear materials and geometries;
  • impact resistance.

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