ТR CU 020/2011

TR CU 020/2011 ``Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment``

Trough SERCONS Russia we hold an own product certification body, which is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) to carry out work to confirm the compliance of products with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union
020/2011 ” Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment “.

Certification for the conformity of production according to technical regulations or state standards provides both manufacturers and sellers with the following advantages:

  • No need for a separate document for each country;
  • A significant reduction in the time required to complete the certification procedure;
  • Acceleration of trade turnover between states, having a positive impact on their economies;
  • A significant increase in sales volume of individual companies and the emergence of prospects for their development.

The difference between the technical regulations of TR CU 004, 010, 020

Products TR CU 004/2011 TR CU 010/2011 TR CU 020/2011
Spare parts and accessories +
Explosion-proof equipment + +
Equipment operating from hydraulic, pneumatic drive +
Road and lifting machines + +
Mills, cutters, screwdrivers, grinding wheels, bicycles +
Equipment operating from a voltage of over 1000V + +
Tools (manual, electrical, battery) + + +
Control cabinets + +

The list of goods subject to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 020/2011 “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Equipment “

  1. Electrical equipment and appliances for household purpose:
    • For the preparation and storage of food and the mechanization of kitchen work;
    • For processing (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning) linen, clothes and shoes;
    • For cleaning and cleaning premises;
    • To maintain and adjust the microclimate in the premises;
    • Sanitary and hygienic;
    • For the care of hair, nails and skin;
    • For heating the body;
    • Vibro-massage;
    • Game, sports and training equipment;
    • Audio and video equipment, receivers of television and radio broadcasting;
    • Sewing and knitting;
    • Power supplies, chargers, voltage regulators;
    • For horticulture;
    • Electric pumps;
    • Lighting equipment;
    • Automatic switches with electronic control;
    • Electronic protective shutdown devices;
    • Arc welding equipment
  2. Personal electronic data processing machines (personal computers).
  3. Low-voltage equipment connected to electronic data processing machines:
    • Printers;
    • Monitors;
    • Scanners;
    • Uninterruptible power supplies;
    • Active acoustic systems with AC power;
    • Multimedia projectors.
  4. Electric hand tools (hand and portable electrical machinery).
  5. Electro musical instruments.

Important: The Certificate of Conformity of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union can be drawn up both for goods produced by the countries of the Customs Union, and for goods of foreign manufacturers. The requirements for foreign products and products of the Customs Union are the same, and the certification schemes also coincide.

Answers to frequently asked questions on TR ТС 020/2011

  1. What is the purpose of certification/declaration? – Technical regulation is defined by Federal Law 184, it says that all products that fall under the mandatory system of TR CU certification need to have a document confirming compliance – either a certificate or declaration, which is necessary for the importation and sale of products within the Customs Union.
  2. How do I know which document is required to be issued – a certificate or a declaration?- In TR CU 004/2011, and ТР CU 020/2011 are lists of products that are subject to obligatory certification. If the product falls under the relevant regulations, according to the scope of application (Article 1), but does not fall under the certification, then it is necessary to make a declaration.
  3. What is the difference between a certificate and a declaration?- The certificate and the declaration have the same legal force. The certificate is drawn up on a numbered form (paper), and the Certification Body bears responsibility for the conformity of the products of the TR CU requirements. The declaration is registered on a white A4 paper, the declarant is responsible for the conformity of the products of the TR CU requirements, and the Certification Body is responsible for the correctness of the filing.
  4. The products are subject to declaration, but the customer wants a certificate. – At the request of the applicant, if the product falls under the declaration – it is possible to issue a certificate, in accordance with Article 7 of TR CU 020 (TR CU 004). However, ff the product falls under certification, then a declaration can not be issued.
  5. For how long can a certificate or declaration be issued? – The term is not fixed for a single delivery, for serial production (unlimited delivery), it is from 1 to 5 years.
  6. Who can act in the person of the applicant? – A company which is registered within the territory of the Customs Union (5 countries).
  7. What data must be included in the certificate/declaration? – The certificate and declaration of conformity shall be formalized in accordance with the Uniform Format, which is determined by the Decision of EAC Collegium.
  8. What is the HS code? Where can I get it? – Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities of the Customs Union (TN VED TS) is a classifier of goods used by customs authorities and participants in foreign economic activity (for foreign trade activities) for the purpose of conducting customs operations.

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