Verification of measuring instruments and tools

Verification of measuring instruments and tools (POVERKA)

Trough SERCONS Russia, we hold our own certification body, which is accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology to work in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements. We provide a full range of services for verification of measuring instruments throughout Russia.

Verification of measuring instruments – a set of operations performed to confirm the compliance of measuring instruments with metrological requirements.

The verification is made in accordance with the verification procedure established when approving the type of measuring instruments. The interval between verifications is approved for type tests and is indicated in the certificate of type approval and in the verification procedure.

We can perform verification for:

  • measuring instruments for measuring the geometric values
  • measuring instruments for mechanical quantities
  • measuring instruments for flow parameters, flow rate, level, volume of substances for measuring pressure
  • measuring instruments of physical and chemical composition and properties of substances for measuring thermophysical parameters and temperature
  • measuring instruments for electrical and magnetic values
  • measuring instruments for optical and optical-physical values

Important: The timing of verification of instruments is set individually for each of our customers, depending on the completeness of the provided technical documentation and the type of instrument that needs to be checked. We offer short terms from 1 day to 2 weeks!

Also our company provides the following services for our customers:

  • tests for the approval of the type for measuring instruments
  • extension of the validity of the certificates of approval for measuring instruments
  • the recognition of test results for the approval of measuring instruments (only for CIS countries)
  • examination of the assignment of a technical device to measuring instruments
  • verification of measuring instruments
  • calibration of measuring instruments

We perform calibration of measuring instruments for the following items

Mechanical Values:

  • Weights for static weighing
  • Non-automatic scales
  • Weighing scales of continuous operation

Electro-magnetic quantities:

  • AC power meters
  • current transformers
  • wattmeters and varmeters
  • power measuring transducers
  • ac ammeters
  • AC power measuring instruments
  • electric capacity meters
  • power quality indicators

Pressure measurements, flow parameters, flow rate, level, volume of substances:

  • pressure gauges,
  • technical pressure gauges
  • pipetting metering devices

Thermophysical and temperature parameters:

  • thermometers (liquid glass, bimetallic, digital, electrocontact)
  • resistance thermometers
  • thermocouples
  • manometric thermometers

Optical and Optical-Physical Values:

  • Refractometers
  • Laboratory Polarimeters

Physicochemical composition and properties of substances:

  • gas analyzers
  • gas alarms

In Russia, the rules for verification are regulated by the law from June 26, 2008, N 102-FZ “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements.”

  • Verification of the measuring instrument – a set of operations performed to confirm the compliance of measuring instruments with metrological requirements.
  • The primary verification is subject to measuring instruments intended for use in the areas regulated by the state to ensure the uniformity of measurements, before commissioning, and after repair.
  • Periodic verification is required for measuring instruments in operation, the frequency of verification is determined by the established calibration interval.
  • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (owners of measuring instruments) who use measuring instruments in the sphere of state regulation to ensure the uniformity of measurements are obliged to present these measurement instruments in time for verification.
  • Positive results of verification of measuring instruments are verified with a verification stamp or a certificate of verification.

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